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Managing Workplace Stress

This book is offered with the hope that it will shed light on the many anxiety- and stress-inducing events that we face in the workplace and the ways to cope with them. The book is based on my experience, studies and research in the areas of internal marketing, psychological counselling and workplace stress and is he fallout of years of surveys and thousands of hours of talking to professionals in industry and academia, in the country and abroad. I have included snapshots of actual anxiety-producing situations that we all face in the workplace. The book’s objective is to enable people to change the way they view any unpleasant, disturbing and stressful situation and emerge more calm, con fi dent and happy. It is offered with the understanding that even one entire lifetime is not enough to learn everything about such an extremely challenging area. I hence rely on the feedback from my readers to enable me to expand the frontiers. I would like to thank my parents for their unfailing support at all times. To my father, for encouraging me to write and for always being there at the crucial moments with the right words. To my mother, who is my greatest source of inspiration and hope and to whom I owe everything.


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